Monday, November 15, 2010


Recently discovered the disposable camera from my trip to Norway this summer. I spent 2 days in Oslo, 6 days in Gol, then traveled to Amsterdam and Rotterdam with a two day jaunt to Paris. The photos from Paris seem to be the only ones that made it, everything else was a series of washy red and white light - not so unlike Paris in the summertime. Oh well, as if what anyone needs is one more picture of an american in front of the eiffel tower.

So, in summary...

the end.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I wish I owned the keys to this particular champagne cadillac with adorable creature cargo... i swear it was speaking to me with it's eyes.


Introduced to me by thebehaviorist...i love everything about this.




Friday, November 5, 2010


I am designing my winter look from the following works by Marian Bantjes, an artist recently introduced to me by my cousin, Miss May. And the Volcano Choir recording of STILL adapted from Justin Vernon's WOODS.

ALL THE BOYS WHO LOVED ME BACK is burned into wood.

THE AUDACITY is shaped onto paper with loose glitter

VOLCANO CHOIR is a #dopename

White Christmas

After being so inspired by Sufjan's show at the Wiltern in LA two weeks ago and the passing of Halloween I feel it is finally appropriate to bring out Stevens' box set of Christmas songs which I keep among my collection of other Christian inspired boxed sets including C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, Stephanie Meyers' The Twilight Saga, and a series of translations of the story Genesis. The last time I saw Sufjan was at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Theater in 2006. At the end of the show inflatable santa clauses and supermans along with paper butterflies rained from the balcony and mezzanine onto the entire audience. Stevens himself wore eagle wings and an Illinois boyscout uniform.

The set includes 5 albums, an animated short story and a love letter from Sufjan about being young, educated in the world and broke and finally believing in Christmas. I received it as a gift from a boy who loved me once. I think of him every winter now... listening to Christmas songs with everybody else at the grocery store and while shopping at department stores... and through the windows of lighted houses.


i'm dreaming of a white christmas

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

los angeles :: past&present

i used to go to los angeles to visit my grandfather in north hollywood
oxnard boulevard
we would drive to jerry's deli and he would order me matza ball soup
watching me eat it with eyes wide saying
come on now, that's good stuff!
then we would talk about books, baseball and one liners
and he would tell me i should sing more jazz

i just returned from a week spent in the LA state of mind
filled with new friends
finding newness in old ones
comparing menus between diners and taco carts
and working on something creatively that is very very new....
looking forward to sharing it...

shout outs and strawberry kisses to the lovely Madame Blash, my dearest of dears, who hosted me for the week, who entertains my 2am rambling and giggle fests and who is always two steps ahead of you. it's just a fact.

Really feeling her feist reminder...

"so much past inside my present"

and reminded of falling in love with Leslie live

Thursday, August 5, 2010

amy milan

Amy Milan is the reason I bought an electric guitar after watching her perform with STARS at the Fillmore in 2005. I was in love. Feeling this song tonight. And this video. And like all I want to do is put on a hoody and ride my bike to Taylor's house for some cinnamon bread.